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Bob Fenner

“I actually knew/met Dick Boyd… and our old service company used grosses of Chemi-pure every month. Yes, an indispensible part of our business… For crystal clear water, removal of allelopathogens, and a great deal more.”


–Bob Fenner, Aquarium Author & Speaker


Thirty years in the pet fish and herptile industries in Japan, Philippines and U.S.A.; all levels, positions. Pres./CEO of Nature, Etc. Inc. doing habitat enhancement. Bob Fenner is a lifelong aquarist with an active and continuing involvement in the academic, journalistic, trade, and hobbyist sides of aquarium keeping. He is a former marine science and aquariology instructor at the University of California and in the California State University system.

Ted Judy

“I discovered Boyd’s Chemi-pure in 1987 when looking for long-lasting chemical media for use in both freshwater and marine aquarium systems.  I have been happy with Chemipure for nearly 30 years, and will continue to use it for all of my chemical filtration needs.”


–Ted Judy, Aquarium Author & Speaker


Addicted aquarist with over 25 years of fish keeping and breeding experience. He is a generalist who enjoys all types of fish from anabantids to tetras, but always finds plenty of room in his fish room for fish from West Africa (especially the dwarf cichlids). Ted’s club affiliations are the American Cichlid Association, the Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists and the Milwaukee Aquarium Society. Ted is a former high school science teacher who is now a full-time stay-at-home father with a fish room. He is a prolific speaker, proficient writer and wants to be a better photographer.

Megan N.

My saltwater fish and corals had been in bags for over 30 hours while we set up the new 90 gallon (they had previously been in a 55 gallon) before being acclimated to the new system. As soon as we set up the tank, I rinsed and added 3 new bags of Chemipure Elite to the 30 gallon sump system to help with the shock of re-establishing my reef’s ecosystem. The picture of my 90 gallon reef system was taken less than a week after moving 18 hours west from the Pittsburgh, PA area, to Kansas City, KS the last week of May. After being settled in Kansas for about 6 weeks, I can proudly say I haven’t lost a single fish, coral, or invertebrate after moving. I so strongly believe Chemi-pure Elite helped drastically reduce the stress on my fish (some of which looked like they were on the brink of death after being in bags for so long) that I use and recommend it to all my fellow hobbyists. As an Aquatic Specialist at Petco in Kansas City, MO, I also highly recommend it to customers looking for a top of the line, all in one, filtration media that drastically increases not only the water clarity, but the health of the inhabitants and the overall ecosystem.  I believe this product is one-of a kind and a true necessity for any serious fish-keeper. Along with using Chemipure, I also use and speak very highly of Vitachem Marine. My lion fish really loves his shrimp soaked in Vitachem and I definitely notice an increase in the growth of my corals when I add Vitachem to my coral food mixture.

This is a 55 gallon African Cichlid tank, which is CRYSTAL CLEAR thanks to Chemi-pure. Anyone who keeps cichlids knows how incredibly dirty they can be, so I really love how nice and sparkly-clean Chemi-pure keeps the water (even if I forget to do a water change!)

Michael L.

Hello Everyone! Before we start on the review I just want to let you know my personal opinion on the product, Chemi-pure Blue and tell you about my aquarium and the struggles I went through before using Chemi-pure Blue. Here’s what the product looks like.

For those who don’t know what Chemi-pure Blue is I will explain what its functions are. Chemi-pure Blue is specially created for fantastic results in reef and marine aquariums. There proprietary blend of premium, low dust pelleted carbon and high capacity ion- change resins are skillfully combined to create a superior all-in-one filter media in a nylon bag. Chemi-pure Blue significantly reduces organic compounds and phosphates while raising redox and helping stabilize pH for a healthy, crystal clear aquarium. It’s a premium grade carbon that does a lot more than your standard Activated carbon. As I stated before Chemi-pure Blue is used in reef and marine aquariums. But I’m going to use it in a freshwater aquarium that contains Oscar cichlids and an Amazonian Silver Arowana. Here’s a side view of the aquarium before I used Chemi-pure Blue.

As you can see the tank is clean but it’s not crystal clear, it has a green tint to it. I’m using filter floss to help keep it clean and somewhat clear but it doesn’t give me the results I’m looking for. Here’s a little story on the struggles I went through trying to get my aquarium that crystal clear look before using Chemi-pure Blue. As I mentioned I was having some trouble getting my aquarium stay nice and clear. I spent weeks trying to figure out what’s wrong with the aquarium. I would do weekly water changes, clean filtration and add some products that claim to clear up your water. I wouldn’t say it didn’t work, my aquarium cleared up just a little but I still didn’t have that crystal clear water that I wanted. It would look clean but there still was a greenish tint that didn’t seem to go away. So I kept looking for a solution to get my aquarium water clear. I tried all kinds of products that would clear up but for some reason it would still have a green tint in the water. So, I started researching for some premium grade products, and I came across Chemi-pure from Boyd Enterprises. I first started reading reviews and watching videos of Boyd Enterprises products and there was nothing but great things being said about the company and their products. I put it on a list I made of possible products I wanted to try and get my water problem fixed. So I kept looking and the more I looked the more Chemi-pure kept popping up. So I finally decided to give it a try. Honestly I was expecting the same results as before. Since nothing I have used in the past seem to work. I was hoping Chemi-pure Blue would fix my water problem and keep my aquarium healthy and give it that crystal clear look. It also claims to help with other things in the aquarium as I mentioned in the beginning of this review. So I finally started using Chemi-pure Blue and after just 24 hours of the product being used in my aquarium the results was shocking.

I’m so amazed and still shocked in how well this product works.  Just the clarity of the water and my water parameters are much more stable and the fish seem more lively. I honestly didn’t know what to say when I saw what happened. All I could say was wow this stuff is amazing! I truly was speechless. So I let time go by and a week has gone by and the water just seems to be so clear it’s as if it’s see through. Chemi-pure Blue just works wonders and in my opinion does more than what Boyd Enterprises gives them selves credit for. It’s truly an amazing product and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone with water issues to use this product. You will definitely not be let down. I give this product two thumbs up. Hopefully with all the pictures and reading this review you go out and buy Chemi-pure Blue for your aquarium because this product truly is one of the best product you can use.

Jose A.

I had been using Chemi-pure Elite in a 24G Cardiff we have as a display nano tank and it has worked awesome, water is 100% clear and we get little to non algae growth. Now that I have been able to try it in our 300G coral tank I can say we are equally satisfied, the tank gets heavy feedings a few times a week so the water gets really heavy in nutrients and along with our efficient protein skimmer Chemi-pure Elitehas helped us tremendously to keep the aquarium crystal clear and clean. Using it in our display tanks has also helped us selling a lot of it, we are easily selling 50% more volume than before.

Nicole S.

When I discovered that my beloved Oscar had early signs of lateral line disease, I frantically searched for ways to help him heal. Vitachem was recommended to me in one of the cichlids forums I frequent. Two weeks ago I started soaking his pellets and adding the Vitachemto his water. I’m thrilled to say that I can now see that his lesions are beginning to heal. I attribute this to your terrific product, because I did not change anything else about the care of my Oscar (I already do 40% weekly water changes). I am so glad he is better but will continue to soak his pellets in the Vita Chem to prevent any recurrence. I’m so happy that my big, 12 inch oscar is on the mend! Thank you again for making the product that restored my fish to good health! I have raised him since he was a tiny little thing and have grown very attached to him; it would have been so sad to lose him or see him suffer from a chronic condition. I will certainly recommend your product to friends who keep fish, since it has worked so well for Crookshanks!


Thank you for making such a great product, I will be using it from now on to keep my fish healthy.

Dylan & Vanessa, The Pet Shop

The Pet Shop uses Chemi-pure Blue in our 300 Gallon Frag Tank, 90 Gallon Display Tank as well as our other systems which is about 3,000 gallons total. With Chemi-pure Blue we have no phosphates, no algae issues and our tanks our crystal clear. Our customers are always asking why our tanks are so beautiful and we show them our secret of Chemi-pure Blue. We allow our customers to be very hands on and let them look under our tanks to see how everything works. It’s much easier to get a customer to purchase a product when you have it on display and can show what it does. Without Chemi-pure Blue our systems would not be show quality. ~ The Pet Shop Mesa, AZ



Nate S.

Chemi-pure Blue is a product that is in a class of its own. The water quality that I have achieved is not possible with any other products on the market. My fish are always happy, healthy, and disease free. This product has maintained the water quality so pure that my African Cichlids are constantly breeding. The biggest factor with this product for me is to know that I can dose Minor and Trace elements without them being removed. I don’t think it would be possible for me to either stop using this product, or switch to any other brand’s product. I would like to thank the staff at Boyd Enterprises. They have top of the class customer service as well as care for each individual customer they speak with. I will be a Chemi-pure customer for years to come and ” I really do feel like a valued customer”.

Paul C.

Wow! What a great product placed in my Cichlid tank today and less than four hours water turning so clear. Now a huge fan.

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