FAQs – Chemiclean

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions. Kindly look through, and if your question is not answered here, fill the contact us form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Why does my skimmer excessively overflow after using Chemiclean?

Your skimmer is working overtime to remove the leftover Chemiclean residue left in your system. If this excessive flow is too much you may dilute the Chemiclean remaining in your system by performing additional water changes. The replacement of your chemical filtration will also help. If your protein skimmer is in a sump, remove the collection cup to allow the skimmate to overflow into the sump area. This process will cease in a few hours to a few days.

Will Chemiclean harm my fish or invertebrate’s?

No. Chemiclean has been extensively tested with thousands of fish and invertebrates including SPF’s with no adverse effect. However, NOT FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS EXACTLY can cause adverse effects. Use a level spoon measurement – Do not dump product directly on top of coral – Do not turn off your filters or pumps! Remember to remove chemical filtration and turn off protein skimmer if it is a HOB and UV sterilizer – Extra aeration is a must during treatment! It is highly recommended you add an air stone to the tank during treatment as well.

How do I add Chemiclean to my Aquarium?

You may add it directly to the aquarium from the scoop or for a better dispersal dilute treatment in small cup of aquarium water then pour into aquarium.

The Chemiclean has removed some of the cyanobacteria can I dose it again?

Yes, this is common with heavy infestations. First, you must be sure to follow the directions and complete a water change 48 hours after the first treatment. Once the first 48 hours has passed and the water change has been made you may repeat the whole process again if needed. This may be done as many times as necessary.

Does Chemiclean remove all types of algae stains?

No. Chemiclean is for the specific removal of cyanobacteria stains from red, black, blue-green, and methane (bubble) producing cyanobacteria algae found in aquariums. Chemiclean will not treat hair, string or diatom algae.

Will Chemiclean work in freshwater?

Yes, Chemiclean will work in fresh and salt water on Cyanobacteria stains.

How much liquid Chemiclean do I put in my tank?

Put in one drop per gallon of water. One cap-full equals approximately 85 drops.

How much powder Chemiclean do I put in my tank?

For every ten (10) gallons of water, dissolve one level scoop into one cup of water removed from the tank.

Then pour solution with dissolved Chemiclean back into aquarium, dispersing evenly.


1. Aquarium oxygen levels must be increased using heavy aeration or a large air stone.

2. Turn off any UV sterilizers and ozonizers and remove any Chemi-pure or carbon during treatment.

3. Continue using a protein skimmer, although skimmer may require adjustment or removal of collection cup to prevent excessive overflow.

4. Maintain normal water flow using pumps and powerheads.

5. Add Chemi-pure, to see how much to add, refer to the tabs above.

6. Successful treatment may take up to 48 hours. After the 48 hour treatment period, perform a 20% water change.

7. Turn on any UV sterilizers and ozonators and replace Chemi-pure or carbon removed previously.

Repeat as necessary. Chemiclean can be used monthly as a regular component of aquarium maintenance.

What if i lost my measuring spoon?

Chemiclean micro spoon measures 0.15cc = Approximately 1/32 teaspoon or 100 milligrams


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