Vitachem Marine

Pre-stabilized multi-vitamin
Vitachem Marine

VCM04 – Vitachem Marine 4 oz
VCM16 – Vitachem Marine 16 oz
VCMG – Vitachem Marine 1 Gallon

Sku Description MSRP
VCM 04 Vitachem Marine 4 oz $14.95
VCM 16 Vitachem Marine 16 oz $44.95
VCMG Vitachem Marine Gallon $284.95


  • Increased growth
  • Increased resistance to disease
  • Great for Reef Aquariums, Corals, Filter Feeders and Breeders
  • Omega-3 Enhanced
  • Rapid fin regeneration
  • Fabulous intense natural colors
  • Excellent added nutritional value for Tangs and Angelfish

Pre-stabilized multi-vitamin, water and tissue soluble – an exclusive revolutionary NEW concept in vitamin supplements for animals and fishes kept in closed systems. Helps aid with Fin Regeneration & Lateral Line disease.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well, add 1 drop per gallon directly into the aquarium water or add several drops to soak fish food before daily feedings. Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerate.

Available in several sizes

For Salt Water Fish

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