Aquarium specialists in business for 60 years.

With 60 years of experience, Boyd Enterprises has set the pace in the aquarium industry for hobbyists, aquarium keepers, and other aquarium professionals. We are the makers of Chemi-pure, Vitachem, and Chemiclean, and since our inception in 1960, we have continued to produce the most widely used, unique, and specialized aquarium products in the industry.

As a family-owned business, we are particular about helping all hobbyists conserve time, money, and energy required for maintaining their aquariums by providing the best, crystal clear, ionically balanced water and filtration media that create the healthiest environment for fresh and saltwater aquariums.


Jeff Turner owns three A list companies in the aquarium industry – Chemi-pure, Reef Aquaria Design (RAD), and Jellyfish Art. Over the years, all three companies have worked together to create some of the most functional, unique, and high quality custom aquariums around the globe. Be it a Reef, Jellyfish, African Cichlid, Discus, or even a 10-gallon Nano aquarium, our products have proven to work perfectly for 60 years.


We compose the most outstanding team of intelligent and like-minded hobbyists and aquarists who are focused on providing smart solutions to all aquarium needs.

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