Over the years, we have contributed substantially to the development of marine ornamental fish, coral and ocean conservation. We have committed ourselves to the aquarium hobby well beyond the tank itself. Boyd Enterprises hopes to inspire others to learn more about ocean conservation and the importance of preserving the natural coral reefs for future generations to come. Here are the pioneering ocean conservation and coral restoration programs that we sponsor.

The Coral Restoration Foundation

Boyd Enterprises’ commitment to the aquarium hobby doesn’t stop at the water’s edge. Boyd has manufactured “Made in the USA” products for over 60 years and believes in making a difference in our lives. Boyd sponsors inspirational programs that make a difference in our hobby and in our lives. Recently, Boyd Enterprises sponsored Coral Restoration Foundation’s Adopt-a-Coral program. But, we didn’t just give them money, we volunteered our time and helped CRF transplant over 30 corals to restore Molasses Reef in the Florida Keys. Our respect for the ocean has grown as a company and our wish is that these efforts will inspire others to realize the importance of preserving nature’s natural beauty for future generations.

University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory

Boyd sponsors the pioneering Marine fish breeding work of the University of Florida and the Rising Tide Conservation Initiative. Through open source collaboration and innovation this program has succeeded in raising over 16 species of coral reef fishes, 4 of which were industry firsts. The goal of this program is to develop large scale rearing techniques for small egg pelagic spawning species. Then, the technology will be transformed to help the industry and the environment become more sustainable. Captive bred semicircle angelfish, lime damsels and porkfish are just a few of the species being produced at the University of Florida in collaboration with participating AZA institutions. These species were shipped as eggs from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Sea World Orlando, and the Steinhart Aquarium.

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