Jeff Turner, a longtime supporter of marine captive breeding, invites all Global Pet Expo attendees to stop by and see the historic tangs from themselves.

All is set for the Yellow Tang display in the Chemipure Booth #1448 at Global Pet Expo that starts next Wednesday March 16-18, 2016 Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL. “We are thrilled to have these first aquacultured Yellow Tangs to display,” says Jeffrey A. Turner of Boyd Enterprises.”Its really awesome that OI and the Rising Tide organization have brought us to this milestone achievement in Marine Ornamental Aquaculture.

Dr. Chad Callan, director of the program that accomplished this breeding milestone at the Oceanic Institute, will be hosted by Boyd and available to meet with members of the aquarium trade during the three days of Global Expo, March 16-18.  An annual Orlando event, Global Expo is expecting a record turnout in the range of 16,000 people from the pet industry.  This trade show is not open to the general public.

“It’s with great enthusiasm and respect that we are able to fly Chad in for Global and it will be fantastic to have industry representatives and key store owners be able to speak with Dr. Callan face-to-face and to see his team’s fish in our displays at the show.”

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